New ZimFit App Update V1.03

We at ZimFit just wanted to fill you in on the new update for the mobile app. This latest update, version 1.03, fixes a critical bug in a past update. If your app is running as it should just update like normal. Only if you have had troubles with your app crashing upon starting, make sure to follow these directions: 1. First delete the app from your device. To do this, tap and hold the icon till it begins to shake. Next, touch the "x" in the corner. 2. Next you can either re-download directly on your device from iTunes (it won't charge you twice) or update the program on your computer's iTunes program. 3. If you downloaded from your device you are ready to begin using the program again. If you are using your computer and iTunes you have to now install the updated app on your device. To do this connect your device and in iTunes go to your device and the tab that says applications. Make sure to check the box next to ZimFit and sync your device. 4. ZimFit is now updated and should be working properly If you are still having issues make sure to contact us via the page on our site or replying to this email and we'll gladly help you through this process. Thank you for bearing with us through this update, the program now runs much smoother and will let you workout with less interruptions. We hope you're enjoying your workout with Steve and make sure to stop by the forums or drop us a line and let us know how you're achieving your Hollywood body! Thanks, The ZimFit Team