Shape Up For Fall! Indoor and Outdoor Exercises


Shape up for Fall! Indoor and outdoor exercises

updated 8:52 a.m. PT, Friday, Aug. 31, 2007 

As the weather gets cooler, we find ourselves spending more time indoors and less time exercising outdoors. Steve Zim, fitness expert and author of "6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body" shares simple workouts for both indoors and outdoors:


Hip and leg stretch

  • One common problem people face is jumping right into a physical exercise or sport without stretching. As the weather gets cooler, our muscles start to tighten up, and you need to do 5 minutes of stretching to avoid any injuries to your body. You can prepare with simple stretches indoors or outdoors
  • Start by standing straight. Lift one leg and place on knee (like a sitting position) to stretch leg & hip muscle. Then change to the other leg
  • 30 sec on each side, minimum of two
  • Body: This warms up your hip, back of leg and hamstring muscles, and gluts

Ultimate calf stretch

  • This is a great stretch for fall sports like running, walking, hiking and cycling
  • Start by standing straight, and lean slightly towards a bench or chair, placing the weight on one arm. Lift one leg slightly off the ground and stretch the calf muscle
  • 30 sec on each side, minimum of 2
  • Body: This will stretch your calf and keep you from getting shin splints
  • Another important point to follow is "always be visible" when exercising outside - As the daylight gets shorter its important to be visible, so wearing a light/reflector around waist or armband is important

Soccer exercise

  • When you decide to workout indoors, you can create your own gym at home with a pilate or swiss ball. It's called the soccer exercise because soccer players use these moves to warm up before a game
  • Get into a push-up position with hands on the floor. Your legs will rest between the ball, and you will clamp the ball. Rotate your right toe down to ground, then rotate left toe to ground (as if you're twisting back and forth). Your lower abs and oblique will have to twist the ball back n'forth
  • Body — This works the core and oblique
  • Do 20 or 22 reps, 3 sets

Basketball exercise

  • It's called the basketball exercise, because it looks like you're getting ready to shoot hoops — but it's good for any fall sport that involves jumping, running and arm movement
  • First you stand straight. Bend knees down like you're getting ready to jump. Slowly lift 5 pound hand weights in each hand, moving up and down towards your chest. Next you drive your arms out and hold for a few seconds and return
  • Do 20 reps, 3 sets
  • Body — this works your shoulders, upper back, entire arms (especially shoulders) and your legs because you're in a squat position

Steve Zim is a personal trainer and fitness expert. He is also author of "Hot Point Fitness" and "6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body."


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