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ZimFit in iTunes Fitness Top 10!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who saw the segment this morning and decided to check out and see what all the talk is around ZimFit, we just cracked into the Top 10 in iTunes Fitness! Keep spreading the word about how ZimFit has helped you get into celebrity shape fast! 

ZimFit on Your Local Morning Show

Rich DeMuro from KTLA, the Fox affiliate in Los Angeles, featured ZimFit this morning on a segment that aired on local morning shows around the nation. In it he describes how ZimFit takes all the benefits of a celebrity personal trainer and puts it in the palm of your hand. He discusses how whether you're a celebrity or not, ZimFit will take you through the right moves to get in the shape you've always wanted. Take a look at the video above and let be sure to let us know how you're Finding Your Fit with ZimFit! 

Chris Evans Working with Steve Zim

Before he was onscreen saving the U.S. as Captain America, Chris Evans got into Hollywood shape with Steve Zim. Training for his roles in "Not another Teen Movie" and "Fantastic Four", Steve put Chris through the same fat burning and muscle building workouts that are featured in the ZimFit app. The results speak for themselves, even his girlfriend at the time Jessica Biel agrees he's looking good! Check out the video below from Extra of Steve and Chris working together to get him in superhero shape, then get the ZimFit app on the iPhone/iPod or Android and get in your own superhero shape!

ZimFit Partners with Mindbloom in New Update

ZimFit is proud to announce they have teamed up with Mindbloom to bring their motivation and goal tracking capabilities to the ZimFit application. Mindbloom does this through their Life Game ™, which blends social gaming and inspirational media to motivate people to take small steps towards living a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.  Mindbloom was developed by former executives and award-winning designers from Amazon.com, Monolith and Ingram Labs.

Available exclusively on ZimFit in the iTunes store as a free update, existing or new users to ZimFit can register for a Mindbloom account in a few simple taps from within the application at no additional cost. Once signing up you will be able to write journals at the end of workouts, read through past journals and schedule your workouts from within the application. Mindbloom then sends you reminders on the days you workout reminding you of the goal and your inspiration behind it.

Extra Calories Add Extra Pounds Faster Than You Think

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Steve has been giving some great advice lately about those extra calories and how to avoid them.  Simple choices can make a big difference between gaining and maintaining.  Steve tweets that "consuming just 100 calories more than your body needs per day will cause a weight gain of 12.5 pounds per year."  How often have each of us made the choice to go for that extra scoop of ice cream or second glass of wine?  Those extra calories add up and add up fast!

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