ZimFit Now available on Android!

Download ZimFit Now by Clicking this link in your Android Phone!

Thousands of people have been using the ZimFit personal training application on the iPhone to get fantastic personal results in both weight loss and fitness over the past several months.  Today, that same application is now available on all Android powered smartphones. Click through to find out the details on how you can grab this revolutionary program for yourself! Read More...

Don't Forget to Break the Fast Each Morning



Steve recently sent a tweet about the importance and meaning of our daily dose of breakfast.  How many of us skip breakfast thinking we are saving a few calories for the day? Do you know why breakfast is most important meal? As Steve tells us, breakfast is equal to breaking the fast (from the night before). If you don't eat the body won't burn fat. Hence the importance of starting off the day with an early morning meal. No breakfast equals no burning of calories and that means no weight loss. Click through to find all the details on why...

Try Distilled Water When Trying to Lose Weight



Steve recently tweeted about a new study that finds drinking a full glass of distilled water when you wake up as well as before each meal can help a person lose up to 6 pounds per month. They key is in the water being distilled. Find out more in by reading on...

Too Much Protein Equals Stored Fat

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You hear it everywhere, in magazines, on television; in diet books...eat as much protein as you want.  Right? Wrong! Steve recently told us that eating too much protein is not the answer to weight loss. If we eat over 50g of protein in one meal, we store the extra as fat! Not the solution you were looking for was it? Click through to find out all the meaty details...

ZimFit Lite is Now Available

ZimFit Lite is Now Available for Free!
Yes that is right, now you have no excuse for not downloading what we here know is the best exercise app out there today! ZimFit lite, now available as a free download, gives you access to train with Steve Zim right from the palm of your hand. 


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