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Steve Zim in the Media
Magazine Articles

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Health & Fitness 
The Scientific Method 
Steve Zim is just as capable at improving performance as he is at bringing about cosmetic changes.

Glamour Magazine 
Your Exercise Excuses Busted 
Glamour gets top trainers to pep-talk away your every slothful urge.

Men's Fitness Magazine 
Build a Better Biceps Peak 
Take your arms to new heights with three simple yet unique exercises.

Marie Claire Magazine 
Beat Your Exercise Boredom 
Is your fitness routine growing stale? Check out these five new ways to make getting in shape fun again.

Prevention Magazine 
Mistake # 7 - Dumbbell Dropping 
Steve Zim helps a new Ali in the ring.

Redbook Magazine 
A Brand New Butt: Sleek, Sexy, Soon! 
Six super-speedy moves to shape up your bottom line.

Self Magazine 
Here Comes the Bod! 
Drop a dress size before your summer celebrations.

Men's Fitness Magazine 
Kick Boredom's Butt 
Tired of your workout? Try these ten tricks.

Woman's World Magazine 
Too Busy to Diet?
Discover the stars' secret weapon for diet emergencies.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine 
Pass or Fail? 
Explore gains in strength and size in the land beyond muscle fatique.

Marie Claire Magazine 
Seven Ways to Burn Fat Faster
Lose your extra pounds with these easy pro tips.