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Celebrities have been coming to Steve Zim for years when they need to look good for their new role. Check out some of Steve's satisfied clients below. They all followed the same routines and methodologies featured in our mobile app.

A Few of Steve's Satisfied Celebrity Clients

Chris Evans - Captain America, Fantastic Four

Chris Evans - Before ZimFit workoutChris Evans - After ZimFit workout

Steven Strait - 10,000 B.C.
Steven Strait - After ZimFit   Steven Strait - After ZimFit

Kelly Wigglesworth - Survivor
Kelly Wigglesworth - Before ZimFitKelly Wigglesworth - After ZimFit

Jason Kravitz - The Practice
Jason Kravitz - Before ZimFitJason Kravitz - After ZimFit

Aaron Boone - ESPN Analyst and Former MLB Star
Aaron Boone - BeforeAaron Boone - After
Before: 14.5% Body Fat and 4.07 Speed
After: 8.9% Body Fat and 3.57 Speed
Aaron Boone - Before

Bobby Hughs - Milwaukee Brewers
Bobby Hughes - Before ZimFitBobby Hughes - Before ZimFit
Minor Leage Level Before: 22% Body Fat    225 lbs.
Major Leage Level After: 8.9% Body Fat   220 lbs. (14 weeks later)
Bobby Hughes - After ZimFit

Ryan Stromsborg - Tononto Blue Jays
Ryan Stromsborg - Before ZimFitRyan Stromsborg - Before ZimFit
Before: 4.2% Body Fat    3.88 Speed
After: 4.1% Body Fat    3.48 Speed
Ryan Stromsborg - After ZimFitRyan Stromsborg - After ZimFit

Before ZimFit - PregnancyZimFit - 6 weeks after birth
"This is me six weeks after giving birth to my second child. Work out during your pregnancy and your body remembers. Slack off during your pregnancy and your body won't ever let you forget."