At Home Exercises - 5 Minute Workout!


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Episode SSL-1015 

At Home Exercise - Five-Minute Workout

Personal trainer Steve Zim demonstrates how to work out five different body parts in five minutes. Spend one minute on each body part for five minutes, every other day, for a complete workout. Be sure to check with your doctors before starting any workout. 

Warm up by walking in place. 


Shoulders and back of the arms

Start out in a W position with dumbbells held at shoulder height (figure A). Push your arms up, maintaining the same angle, then lower them. Repeat for one minute. Keep your stomach tight. Start with whatever weight you can use to finish the entire minute, or drop the weight and continue the movement with empty hands if you need to.

Back and arms

Begin by leaning over and placing one hand on the seat of a chair and look down. Holding a dumbbell with the other hand, start with the arm fully extended, hanging down. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and then bring the arm up, raising the elbow (figure B). Lower the arm and repeat 30 seconds on each side.

Lower body

Lean over and place both hands on the back of a chair. Balance on one leg and raise the other leg with bent knee until the knee is level with the elbow (figure C). Keeping the foot in the same plane as the knee (it shouldn't be higher or lower) push back, leading with the heel rather than the toe. Bend and straighten for 30 seconds on each side. It isn’t necessary to go fast--just use proper alignment for the entire minute.

One-Leg Lifts

Balance on the right foot, holding onto the back of the chair. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand. Lean down as the left leg is lifted (figure D). Slowly return to the starting position. Work each side for 30 seconds.

Abdominals and sides

Lay down on a mat on your back, with your knees bent and feet together, hands extended. Lift your chest and tuck your chin. Keeping your shoulders up off the ground and arms straight out, rotate from side to side (figure E), reaching a hand toward a foot. This move is called the penguin. Repeat for one minute.

Figure A 

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E