Zim style training in Oz

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Zim style training in Oz

These forums are pretty quiet. In the hope of getting a response....

Is there a certain qualification or title I should be searching for to find your intense style of workout in Australia? I've got your app and it's great but I am wanting to find a trainer to help with this sort of thing. I get a good 5-6 week break at Christmas time and would love to use it for some intense training to give me a good headstart on my training goals. I've seen various boot camp style advertisements but I want something that is going to achieve some visible results in a short time frame. I know if I can see some results early I will stick with it. I am willing to invest some good time, sweat and money in achieving my goals but don't really know who I should be talking to. The fitness revolution in Australia means personal trainers are a dime a dozen but not necessarily what I am after. I am reasonably fit already but a bit of a hard gainer. Any help would be great.