Extra Calories Add Extra Pounds Faster Than You Think

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Steve has been giving some great advice lately about those extra calories and how to avoid them.  Simple choices can make a big difference between gaining and maintaining.  Steve tweets that "consuming just 100 calories more than your body needs per day will cause a weight gain of 12.5 pounds per year."  How often have each of us made the choice to go for that extra scoop of ice cream or second glass of wine?  Those extra calories add up and add up fast!

Steve comments that if we choose happy hour today then we need to choose the gym tomorrow, he has a great point.  It is something we all should try to remember to keep in mind.  But that is the easy part.  Sometimes we think we have made good choices, but it just seems that way.  There are many hidden calories in foods we think are the "better" choice.  Eating out is one of them and it can add up to 100 extra calories into your daily diet from just one meal!

Take Steve's tweet about choosing little burgers over a full-sized one.  Good choice right? Wrong! Applebee's cheesburger sliders contain a whopping 1240 calories not including the sides.  You might as well dine at McDonald's instead.  Thinking of  salmon as an alternative?  The Cheesecake Factory's grilled salmon has 830 calories without the sides.  Not such a smart choice after all. 

How can you avoid these hidden pitfalls?  Steve gives us some easy ideas in some of his latest tweets.  Ask for no croutons on your salad, skip the bread basket when dining out and order a green salad with dressing on the side instead.  These small steps can help you curb those 100 extra calories that sneak up on you and help you avoid those extra 12.5 pounds per year.

Of course when you do indulge, by all means enjoy it, but get to the gym and workout with Steve on ZimFit the next day.  You'll stave off those extra calories and be looking good in no time!


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