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Try Distilled Water When Trying to Lose Weight



Steve recently tweeted about a new study that finds drinking a full glass of distilled water when you wake up as well as before each meal can help a person lose up to 6 pounds per month. They key is in the water being distilled. Find out more in by reading on...

ZimFit Lite is Now Available

ZimFit Lite is Now Available for Free!
Yes that is right, now you have no excuse for not downloading what we here know is the best exercise app out there today! ZimFit lite, now available as a free download, gives you access to train with Steve Zim right from the palm of your hand. 


Blueberries...the magical fruit!

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So Steve sent us a tweet about blueberries.  He told us that studies show you can achieve two pounds of extra fat loss per month just by eating a 1/2 cup of blueberries per day.  Well that is easy right?  Blueberries are not just good for weight loss, they are packed full of health benefits for your entire body...and they taste great too!


Cutting Calories + ZimFit = SUCCESS!

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The most basic way to lose weight is to cut calories. Steve tells us the magic number we should cut is 500. This is Diet 101, no surprise, but how do you do it and how long do you have to do in before you see results? Combining the cut in calories with ZimFit will not only help you achieve weight loss faster, you will also gain strength and add muscle at the same time. 
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