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Appisode App of the Day by Robin Rhys


Check out the review done by Robin Rhys on Appisode.  Robin does a great job of articulating the value of the ZimFit application in just a 30 second clip.  While she doesn't cover everything, anyone interested in understanding how it works, should watch the video for a great 3rd party endorsement.

New ZimFit App Update V1.03

We at ZimFit just wanted to fill you in on the new update for the mobile app. This latest update, version 1.03, fixes a critical bug in a past update. If your app is running as it should just update like normal. Only if you have had troubles with your app crashing upon starting, make sure to follow these directions: 1. First delete the app from your device. To do this, tap and hold the icon till it begins to shake. Next, touch the "x" in the corner. 2.

ZimFit Updates - Facebook and iPhone Apps

 We sure have been working hard over at ZimFit and I have some new features to tell you about and some to update you on. 
First is Facebook. ZimFit now has an app on facebook that allows you to view the blogs and forums from inside facebook! Just go to http://apps.facebook.com/zimfitapp to check it out. If you haven't already authorized ZimFit you have to do that first. This will allow you to share your links from the blogs on your facebook wall. Also make sure you have a ZimFit.com account so the two are linked. You can create one of those from going to http://www.zimfit.com. Once you've done that every time you come to ZimFit's website or the facebook app you'll be automatically logged in! Now just cruise the blog and forums for great fitness tips and tricks and click the share button to post it on your wall. It's that simple!

ZimFit is on iTunes!

Great News! ZimFit has been approved by Apple and is for sale in the iTunes App Store. Head on over and check it out at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zimfit/id361281915?mt=8&uo=6
The download is a big one but we did that on purpose so iPod users could have all the videos and not have to worry about having an internet connection. This app is awesome! We've been working for a long time to make it just right for you and I gotta say I love how it looks!

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