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Chris Evans Working with Steve Zim

Before he was onscreen saving the U.S. as Captain America, Chris Evans got into Hollywood shape with Steve Zim. Training for his roles in "Not another Teen Movie" and "Fantastic Four", Steve put Chris through the same fat burning and muscle building workouts that are featured in the ZimFit app. The results speak for themselves, even his girlfriend at the time Jessica Biel agrees he's looking good! Check out the video below from Extra of Steve and Chris working together to get him in superhero shape, then get the ZimFit app on the iPhone/iPod or Android and get in your own superhero shape!

Steve on Extra's Lifechangers

Steve appeared on Extra this week showing just how effective ZimFit is in helping you achieve your fitness goals. As part of Extra's Lifechangers series, Steve worked with three women: Caroline, Victoria, and Corianna to get back into their wedding dresses. Following the same routines found in our app Steve was able to help these women get back into their dresses in as little as six weeks!

With wedding season coming up, this is the perfect time to pick up the app for your iPhone/iPod or Android Device and get in shape for that special day.

Watch the video and head over to Extra's website for more on the amazing transformation. 

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