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An Apple a Day Keeps More Than the Doctor Away

Steve recently sent a tweet about eating 3 apples a day, specifically one before each main meal, to help curb your cravings and hunger pains. The reason for this is that apples contain fiber that causes you to feel full, so you end up eating less in your main meal. This useful tip can help many having trouble with portion control since the fuller you feel, the sooner your brain will let you know and you can automatically control your eating by eating less. Not only will you help your waistline, but you are getting additional fiber in your diet too!

ZimFit is on iTunes!

Great News! ZimFit has been approved by Apple and is for sale in the iTunes App Store. Head on over and check it out at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zimfit/id361281915?mt=8&uo=6
The download is a big one but we did that on purpose so iPod users could have all the videos and not have to worry about having an internet connection. This app is awesome! We've been working for a long time to make it just right for you and I gotta say I love how it looks!

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