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After just one Hollywood Body workout, you feel a difference.
Three workouts, and you see a difference. In two weeks, your friends and loved ones start making comments about how good you look. After you've completed the six week Hollywood Body program, you are the runway-ready for your grand entrance - you look amazing and you feel healthier and happier than ever.

In 6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body, the top Hollywood trainer and Weekend Today show fitness expert Steve Zim unlocks the secrets of the stars and shows you how to have a Hollywood body of your own. Want to add shape and strength to your legs? Have a great butt? Make your back and arms stronger and leaner? Develop an amazing chest or breasts? After you've completed the easy-to-follow Hollywood Body program in six short weeks, you'll be runway ready for your grand entrance and you'll look amazing and feel healthier and happier than ever before. In this book, Steve Zim reveals the three keys to his Hollywood Body system:

HOLLYWOOD NUTRITION: The easy and effective Hollywood Body way to supercharge your metabolism with protein, good carbs, and good fats.
HOLLYWOOD HEART: Ramp up your cardio health and melt away fat and inches the Hollywood Body way.
HOLLYWOOD SCULPT: A revolutionary set of all-new Hollywood Body exercises designed to sculpt and reshape your muscles.

This proven program works no matter what your body type is. So get started - your Hollywood body awaits you!

"I just wanted to say that by using your book '6 Weeks To A Hollywood Body,' my body has changed immensely, and I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for that. I have been working out regularly for about six years now, but I never really wanted a trainer. I could never seem to get a regime that worked quite the way that I wanted, until now. The workouts that you have designed are exactly what I needed to get the results that I want, and now I'm excited to go to the gym everyday! Eventually I want to take advantage of your diet advice. (That's most definitely the hardest part for me... I have a hell of a sweet tooth, and am something of a social butterfly, so the alcohol flows freely). I am confident though, that once I decide to change my lifestyle and diet while continuing your fitness strategies, I will be that 30-something year old with the body of an 18 year old. Thanks again for a real, functional, and fun workout!! You are a fantastic trainer, considering you don't even have to be there to create results!"

- Alon Morris

"I am on Day 11 of the first two week initiation phase and I have already lost about 1.75 inches around my stomach and about 8 lbs! When he says results fast, he means it! I've bought the book for two other people already! Thank you so much!"
- Michael Tracy


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The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle Review:
Everyone would love to have the buff, chiseled body of a movie star, but few want to put in the arduous hours of exercise it takes to get there. Now, anyone can sculpt a phenomenal physique faster and easier than ever.
In this powerful new guide, NBC's Weekend Today fitness expert Steve Zim coaches readers through a revolutionary combined cardio-weight training program that ramps up the metabolic rate, burns fat much faster than conventional workouts, and creates a truly toned look with amazing speed.
Following this new approach for just 30 minutes a day, three times a week, readers will produce the body of their dreams in no time and begin to see results after just one week. Backed with celebrity endorsements as well Zim's high-profile position and excellent print media connections, this new title could easily become the hottest item in the fitness section.

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Editor Notes from Hot Point Fitness:

Hot Point Fitness author Steve Zim is a personal trainer/gym owner who has "a small army" of personal trainers that use his method. Zim personally trains mostly celebrities and professional athletes, especially Olympic figure skaters and professional baseball players. His clients aim for optimal physical appearance as well as physical performance. Their sports depend on strength, agility, flexibility, and speed. According to Zim, you can achieve your own best personal fitness level by using the Hot Point Fitness program. The goal: to transform your body into the best shape ever.

The main difference between Hot Point Fitness and most fitness books is intensity and structure. Zim leads you through each workout, much like your own personal trainer would. "Hot Point Weight Training is designed to work each muscle to 100 percent of its capacity, and consequently completely transform the way the muscles in your body look," writes Zim. "The point of Hot Point Nutrition is to speed the metabolism and make it burn calories at a white-hot pace. Hot Point Aerobics will super-heat your muscles, and burn fat from your body quickly, safely, and forever," he says.

Zim's program is precisely structured and divided into three 28-day phases. During phase 1, you become a regular exerciser by spending one hour at the gym, three days per week. Phase 2 keeps you in the gym for 90 minutes, four days per week, and gets you to the point of "needing" to exercise. Phase 3--up to two hours a day at the gym, five days per week--brings you to an athlete's level of fitness (strength, flexibility, and endurance).

Zim developed his weight-training exercises by using MRI technology and infrared imaging to examine which muscles work during which exercises, and how hard. He was amazed to learn that traditional weight-training exercises only work 20 to 30 percent of the targeted muscles. He altered exercises and perfected techniques to build muscle density (not necessarily muscle mass), optimally by working muscles to exhaustion.

Zim describes the exercises clearly, with plenty of attention to technique. Each is illustrated by several photographs, which vary in quality (sometimes the lighting or clothing color doesn't provide enough contrast between model and background). Experienced exercisers will find almost all the exercises familiar, but will learn much from the technique recommendations that make the difference between a humdrum workout and an effective, muscle-blasting one.

~Joan Price, Editor