ZimFit Partners with Mindbloom in New Update

ZimFit is proud to announce they have teamed up with Mindbloom to bring their motivation and goal tracking capabilities to the ZimFit application. Mindbloom does this through their Life Game ™, which blends social gaming and inspirational media to motivate people to take small steps towards living a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.  Mindbloom was developed by former executives and award-winning designers from Amazon.com, Monolith and Ingram Labs.

Available exclusively on ZimFit in the iTunes store as a free update, existing or new users to ZimFit can register for a Mindbloom account in a few simple taps from within the application at no additional cost. Once signing up you will be able to write journals at the end of workouts, read through past journals and schedule your workouts from within the application. Mindbloom then sends you reminders on the days you workout reminding you of the goal and your inspiration behind it.

We feel that with Mindbloom ZimFit users will now be able to stay motivated and share their progress with others as they grow in Mindbloom and in life. Using other features on Mindbloom will go hand-in-hand with the balanced lifestyle ZimFit encourages all users to have. Once on Mindbloom invite others to join you on your journey and share with them your motivation behind starting ZimFit. Of course don't forget to send us updates on how you're doing for us to feature here on ZimFit's blog!