Top 5 Celebrity Fitness Secrets for 2011!

It’s almost time for the awards season, when all of Hollywood is looking their best on the red carpet vying for a statue. While for the rest of us it’s the start of a new year and with that comes the desire to slim down after eating too much good food during the holidays.

            Whether you’re Angelina Jolie or Angie there are a few easy tips from celebrity personal trainer, Steve Zim, to help you get in the best shape for 2011. Follow these simple steps, along with a balanced diet and exercise, and watch the pounds fall off in time for whatever it is your 15 minutes on the red carpet may be.



#1 Wake Up To A Glass of Water – We’ve all heard it said that we don’t drink enough water every day. Could this be the reason you’re not achieving your weight goals though? Steve recommends starting the day off right with a 16 oz glass of clean pure water right after you wake up.  By doing this it helps start your body’s process of cleaning out waste (and fat) from your body. The Mayo Clinic even has these guidelines on how much water each person should drink. Start the day, and your weight loss, off on the right foot.





#2 Kick the Carbs 90 Minutes Before Exercising – Everywhere you look you see a new study on carbohydrates and how we should avoid them. While Steve does recommend eating natural unprocessed carbs as part of a balanced diet, avoiding them prior to a workout will help your body burn the right fuel. The reason for this is eating carbohydrates will raise your insulin levels, causing your body to burn the on hand sugar from the carbs for energy rather than stored fat (which is the goal of the exercise in the first place!). Some people achieve this by working out prior to breakfast. Just make sure to do so after drinking your glass of water from #1.





#3 Feed Your Muscles – Lean protein, the kind you find in eggs, chicken and protein drinks, provides your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow. Studies have shown that eating lean protein within 30 min. of finishing your exercise promotes lean muscle growth. Don’t be afraid of building muscle though, it’s your key to losing weight and keeping it off. You may not want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in prime, but lean muscle is not bulky. Rather it’s the trimmed down muscle that helps flatten stomachs and tone arms. This lean muscle is also a calorie incinerator. The more lean muscle you build the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.




#4 Spice Up Your Life – This one may be harder for some to do than others butadding some spice to your food may be just what you need to shed those last pesky pounds. The reason for this is spicy foods increase your metabolism. So that sweat on your brow after a spicy dish isn’t just for show, it’s your body’s indicator that it’s doing some work. A recent study from a Canadian University said that eating spicy foods and coffee can increase your daily caloric burn by as much as 1000 calories! So next time you order your food make sure to splash on some spice and shed some pounds while doing it.






#5 Don’t Break Your Back, Save The Abs For Last – The last thing you want to do when participating in any exercise program is get injured. Starting a new exercise program for 2011 is going to require consistency to form a habit out of going to the gym. Injure your back and you can kiss that habit goodbye. One way to avoid back injuries during your workout is to do your abdominal exercises last. This is because abdominal muscles protect and stabilize your back during exercise. Weaken your abdominal walls by doing your crunches first and you leave yourself open to back injury. Do yourself and your back a favor and save the ab blasters for the end of your workout.



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