Find Your Fit in 2011!




We all know the feeling, as the new year approaches we begin to think of how we can make it different from the last. For many of us that means starting off the new year right with diet and exercise. ZimFit is wanting to help you do this by launching the "Find Your Fit" campaign in 2011. This campaign will include some new features to ZimFit on the smartphones, some new additions to the website, but most of all the campaign will feature.... YOU! Read More

We want you to write in to us and let us know where you're finding your fit in the new year and how ZimFit is involved. ZimFit is created so you can be in the best shape of your life, no matter what body type you have. All you have to do is start off your message with the line "My Fit in 2011 is.... " and let us know your story, goals and desires. We'll feature stories with the rest of the community to help keep you inspired in 2011.

To help start off this new campaign we are dropping the price of ZimFit to $1.99. Now there's no reason not to join and Find your Fit in 2011 with ZimFit!