A Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Your Phone

Now in the iTunes App Store and Android Market, ZimFit is proud to present their smartphone personal training application. Whether you're on the iOS or Android platform, this application will allow you to take Steve Zim with you wherever you go. With a fully customizable workout plan, the ZimFit app will allow Steve to coach you through your workouts from the comfort of your home or gym. The app features videos of Steve instructing you just like he does his celebrity clientele. Now you can know the secrets to an effective workout that has done wonders for so many. So you can track your progress, ZimFit has built in stat trackers that will graph your weight and body fat (which the program calculates for you). This feature you would normally find in other paid apps but we've provided it to you so you'll have all you need in one convenient place. Also, the application features the ability to read the ZimFit Blog and Steve's Twitter feed so you'll always stay in touch with great tips and tricks to maximize your results.


Purchase ZimFit on iTunes  Click Here on Your Android Device to Download the App!

To download the app to your iPod or iPhone just follow the link above from your computer or iPhone/iPod click the Android robot from your Android web browser to go to the Android Market on your phone.